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About Salt the Holly

This comic follows the adventures of a small group as they are swept into the center of a conflict
between two powerful clans. Think of it as being caught in the middle of a mob power struggle.
Drama, action, humor, romance, and one creepy old man.
Note: Beware the art in the beginning - it's poor but sufficient. Besides, we improve quickly!

About But Not Really

At its most basic, But Not Really is a peek inside the imaginations and costume trunks
of roommates/best friends/sisters Jessica and Amanda. The vast majority of the story arcs are
taken in of Austin, Texas.

The Main Actors:

Jessica Riojas
Amanda Harpold
Lindsay Elmore
Justin Kenyon
Robert Harpold

The Main Photographers

Amanda Harpold, Jessica Riojas, & Justin Kenyon

About Us

CatFaceCo is run by Amanda Harpold and Jessica Riojas. They have been best friends since 1990
(when Jessica wanted to be a ballerina paleontologist and Amanda probably still wanted
to be a brachiosaurus).

Amanda Harpold is a web designer and acupuncture medical assistant with a tragic lack of freckles
and a funny cowlick in her hair. She is the primary writer, artist, and photographer for the
projects and handles most of the back-end stuff like coding and design.

Jessica Riojas is a full-time student and baking genius with an amazing wardrobe and wicked
dance moves. She is the secondary writer, artist, and photographer for the projects and is
responsible for shaming Amanda into becoming a better artist.

CatFace is the mascot for CatFace Co. He is the cartoon likeness of Jessica's
cat Fluffy Kitty.


In 2009, Salt the Holly was nominated for Most Improved Artwork in the Drunk Duck Awards.
Also in 2009, But Not Really was nominated for Best Photo Comic and Best Website Design in the Drunk Duck Awards.
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